Performance Products

Diesel Fuel Prep™

Concentrated diesel fuel conditioner for auto, light duty engines and generators

Cleans fuel injectors to maximize fuel economy and restore power

Enhances lubricity to improve injector life

Improves overall performance

Prevents corrosion

Lifts cetane up to 8 numbers for easier starts

One bottle treats 20 gallons for an 8 cetane* number lift, 40 gallons for a 4 number lift

Biodiesel compatible and ULSD compliant

Diesel Engine Oil Treatment

Concentrated oil treatment replenishes diesel oil additives to ensure performance during extended change intervals

Maximum strength formula helps protect new and old engines

Disperses sludge to keep engine clean

Neutralizes acid deposits/build-up to prevent corrosion

Helps prevent excessive wear, reduces friction and heat to prolong life of engine components

To fortify conventional diesel engine oils, add one bottle at each oil change

For high mileage engines with advanced wear, excessive oil burning or heavy deposits, use two bottles

Will not cause stiction

Total Diesel Fuel System Cleaner

Extremely powerful fuel system cleaner

Cleans and helps prevent fuel filter and injector plugging

Formulated to dissolve and disperse “Asphaltenes” (black fuel)

Helps improve lubricity and prevent corrosion

Attacks extreme cases of dirt, grime and sludge

ULSD Compliant & Biodiesel compatible

Concentrated Motor Flush

Oil system flush helps remove deposits and sludge formed in internal combustion engines

Use after draining oil to flush before re-filling

Frees valves, lifters and rings, allowing engine oil to circulate freely

Use every 2-3 oil changes for maximum benefit

Engine Oil Treatment

Helps restore fuel economy and increases life of critical engine parts

Extends engine oil life and prevents corrosion

Reduces friction, heat and wear to prolong life of engine components

Maintains engine performance and efficiency during extended service intervals

Keeps engine clean when used regularly

Total Fuel System Cleaner

Premium synthetic detergent package provides exceptional cleaning to restore fuel economy

Cleans entire fuel system including injectors and combustion chamber

Removes combustion chamber deposits to improve acceleration, reduce knocks/pings, and eliminate stalling

Keeps engine clean to reduce octane requirement

Use every 3,000 miles to ensure optimum engine power and performance

Fuel Injector Air Intake Cleaner

Quietly dissolves and helps remove sticky gum, varnish and resin deposits

Safe for protective coatings and all air intake systems

May also be used to clean linkages, cables, actuators, and PCV valves

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