Oil System Maintenance

Concentrated Motor Flush

Oil system flush helps remove deposits and sludge formed in internal combustion engines

Use after draining oil to flush before re-filling

Frees valves, lifters and rings, allowing engine oil to circulate freely

Use every 2-3 oil changes for maximum benefit

Engine Oil Treatment

Helps restore fuel economy and increases life of critical engine parts

Extends engine oil life and prevents corrosion

Reduces friction, heat and wear to prolong life of engine components

Maintains engine performance and efficiency during extended service intervals

Keeps engine clean when used regularly

High Mileage Oil Treatmentt

Converts standard engine oil into a high mileage oil

Recommended for vehicles over 7 years or 75,000 Km’s

Anti-wear agents extend engine life

Keeps engine clean with superior detergents

Conditions seals and gaskets

Reduces oil consumption and exhaust smoke

Neutralizes acid and prevents corrosion

Motor Pep 3016ID

Oil additive formulated to clean and protect the engine while driving

Use after oil change to help restore efficiency, reduce wear and ensure longer engine life

Special dual action cleaner dissolves deposits and neutralizes sludge

Frees and quiets valves and lifters

Oil System Cleaner

Powerful 5 minute cleaner dissolves deposits formed by high temperatures in modern engines

Add to engine oil before draining

Frees valves, lifters and rings, allowing engine oil to circulate freely

Removes sludge and dirt; ideal for engine overhauls

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