Lubricants, Penetrants, and Coating

4.0 Cleaner & Lubricant

Cleans, protects, lubricates, prevents

Multipurpose lubricant prevents rust & dust buildup

Long lasting, water resistant lubrication

50 State Formula

Silicone Spray

Waterproofs, lubricates, and insulates all types of mechanical equipment

Clear, lightweight coating ideal for rubber and metal

Protects and renews rubber mountings, bushings and weather stripping

Lubricates and prevents freezing of doors, locks, windows, and drawers

Won’t melt, freeze, or gum-up; effective from -37º to 163ºC

For automotive, heavy duty, farm, industrial, snow plow blades, and marine use

Rubberized Undercoat

Quick drying, black rubberized waterproof coating

Protects surfaces from rust and corrosion, extreme heat & cold, dust, fumes, and road salt

May be painted over with no bleed-through

For automotive applications: use on undercarriage, frame, and wheel wells to help reduce road noise

General use: minor roof repairs, gutters and downspouts, foundations and driveway cracks, tree wounds

PR-3 Wrench-Eze and Lubricant Spray - PWD40

Penetrating lubricant frees rusted and difficult to remove parts

Displaces water, lubricates and protects metal parts

Reduces friction and helps silence squeaks

Silicone-free formula suitable for body shop use

White Lithium Grease

General use: garage doors and guides, farm equipment of all types, all general metal to metal contact applications where lubrication and protection are desired

Long lasting grease works well in all temperatures and weather conditions from -32ºC to 66ºC

Ideal for metal to metal contact such as gears

Water and heat resistant for superior corrosion and friction protection

Automotive and heavy duty use: door, hood, trunk, latches, hinges, speedometer cables, distributor caps, seat guides

Marine use: boat control cables, linkages, trailer rollers, slides, guides, winches, rust proofing for storage

Heavy duty metal lubrication

Belt Dressing

Preserves belts to prevent glazing and premature failure

Increases friction to eliminate squeaking and slipping

For use with accessory drive and all types of “V” belts

Prevents premature wear

Red Grease

Ideal for: large surfaces

Sprays evenly and cures into a light grease

Lubricates and forms a waterproof barrier

Protects surfaces from moisture and corrosion

Functions at extremely low and high temperatures from -31ºC to 148ºC

For use in: tools, linkages, springs, conveyors, couplings, industrial chain drives, slides, garage door tracks, rollers, and farm implements

Red color enables easy visual inspection

Helps increase equipment life

Open Gear Lube

Ideal for: high pressure metal to metal contact

Fortified with Moly Sulfide for dramatic friction reduction

Stable in high and low temperature extremes from -31ºC to 148ºC

Protects against rust and corrosion

For use in: gears, steel cables, cutting bars, winches, rollers and presses

Inner Slide Lube

Ideal for: vertical sliding surfaces

Instantly adheres with stay-put formulation

Maximum Moly Sulfide content for ultimate lubrication

Protects against rust and corrosion

Prevents destructive metal to metal contact

For use in: Forklifts, fifth wheels, and all sliding metal surfaces

Chain Lube

Ideal for: high velocity applications

Durable lightweight grease fortified with Moly Sulfide and anti-wear additive

For use in: any chain driven application, motorcycles, and motor bikes

Drys after entering chain links or cable stands

Quiets noise

Prevents oxidation leading to longer life

Dry Graphite Lube

Ideal for: fine mechanisms and extreme heat up to 371ºC

Dries in minutes to a non-stick finish

> Reduces friction, heat and surface wear

Protects against rust and corrosion

Bonds to metal, plastics, rubber and other surfaces

Repells dirt and lubricates

For use in: locks, latches, tracks and slides, industrial furnace and oven door hinges

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