Fuel System Maintenance

Ethanol Stabilizer 82612ID

Treats and stabilizes gas for up to one year

Helps prevent water and ethanol separation, corrosion, and sediment during storage

Keeps fuel injectors clean and prevents fuel system deposits

Helps protect fuel system components from the harmful effects of ethanol and water

For use in all gas engines, including 2-cycle, small engines, boats, generators and seasonal equipment

Direct Injection Fuel System Cleaner 2113ID

One tank cleanup for all gas & diesel engines

Cleans fuel system to restore fuel economy

Improves idling & prevents corrosion

Anti-oxidant technology stabilizes fuel

Treats up to to 75ltr

Fuel Injector Air Intake Cleaner

Quietly dissolves and helps remove sticky gum, varnish and resin deposits

Safe for protective coatings and all air intake systems

May also be used to clean linkages, cables, actuators, and PCV valves

Fuel Injector Cleaner 2112ID

Preferred formula for use in direct injection (GDI,) multi-port (MPFI,) and throttle body (TBI) injection systems

Just one treatment can provide increased fuel economy, power and acceleration, improved idling, quicker starting and reduced emissions

Helps clean harmful deposits and carbon from fuel system to restore performance

For use in all grades of gasoline and ethanol blends

Safe for catalytic converters and oxygen sensors

Intake Valve Deposit Cleaner 2312ID

Removes carbon deposits from valves

Optimizes air/fuel ratio for improved performance

Multi-functional application through the rail or vacuum cleans the intake manifold

Utilizes detergent and solvent technologies for maximum effectiveness

Helps restore performance for quieter starts and overall efficiency

Total Fuel System Cleaner 2216ID

Premium synthetic detergent package provides exceptional cleaning to restore fuel economy

Cleans entire fuel system including injectors and combustion chamber

Removes combustion chamber deposits to improve acceleration, reduce knocks/pings, and eliminate stalling

Keeps engine clean to reduce octane requirement

Use every 4828 Km to ensure optimum engine power and performance

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