Electrical System maintenance

Battery Protector

Prolongs battery life by preventing buildup of corrosive materials on battery terminals

Seals out moisture and prevents oxidation

Color tinted to indicate area treated

For use in: auto, marine, agriculture, motorcycle, heavy duty, off-road and industrial applications

To remove buildup use Battery Cleaner

Battery Cleaner

Neutralizes acid and removes corrosion for maximum current flow

Helps produce positive electrical contact

Can be used on all types of batteries, cables, terminals, and anything subject to acid corrosion

Spray on, wipe off

After cleaning use Talbros Penray Battery Protector to prevent future build-up and corrosion

Electric Motor Cleaner

Non-flammable formula ideal for cleaning electrical systems

Easily removes grease, oil, brake fluid, and other contaminants

Dries quickly and leaves no residue

Designed for electric motors, transformers and machinery

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