Cooling System Filters

Need Release® - Extended Service Cooling System Filters & Element

Releases Supplemental Coolant Additives (SCA’s) into the cooling system only when needed

Triple layer synthetic media filtration lasts 240,000km’s 15 months, or 3000 hours

Unique design senses the corrosivity of the coolant, keeping the system protected at all times

Extended service saves on labor costs and reduces filter inventory

Designed for use with conventional coolant

Pencool® 3000ID - Cooling System Filter with Stabil-Aid® NF3000ID

Filter with one pint equivalent (single charge) of Pencool® 3000 (Supplemental Coolant Additive)

> Includes cooling system corrosion inhibitor and stabilizer

Stops coolant gel formation and helps control foaming

Recommend coolant testing/ filter replacement every 48000km

Compatible with conventional coolants

Synthetic Media Blank Coolant Filter NF2999SMID & Element NF3999SMID

Triple layer synthetic media filtration

Long life filter lasts 2,41,000km 15 months, or 3000 hours

For use with ELC (Extended Life Coolants) and conventional coolants

Features inner shell with durable epoxy coating to prevent internal filter corrosion

Pencool ® 4000ID Cooling System Treatment

Ideal for marine and non-glycol (water only) applications requiring ELC technology (4.2% in water only systems)

Use as a booster to extend antifreeze life in heavy duty and commercial vehicles(ELC, OAT & NOAT)

Increases corrosion protection

Protects all metals commonly found in cooling systems

Protects against cavitation and wet sleeve liner pitting

Increases uptime, reduces maintenance expense and engine wear

Passes the D4340 test for aluminum protection

Yellow in color

Use PTK 103 for testing in water only systems

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