Consumer Products

Glass Cleaner

Professional grade formula designed for vehicle glass cleaning

Especially effective in removing sap, tar, bugs, road film/dirt, cheater wax and plasticizer haze

Fine mist spray pattern for even application

100% evaporating formula eliminates streaks, film, and light-distorting residues

Ammonia free, safe for tinted windows

Tire Fix Plus®- Non-Flammable Tire Inflator

Seals punctures while inflating tire

Contains Leak Detective™ so puncture can be found and repaired quickly

Prevents corrosion; safe for all wheel types and tire pressure monitor systems (TPMS)

Water-based formula for easy cleanup

Safe and easy way to temporarily repair a flat tire with no tools required

Tire Gloss

Tires look new after application

Leaves a dark, rich satin gloss shine on the tire

Helps prevent the tire from fading