Talbros GardX was established in 2016 as a joint venture between the BNT Talbros Group and GardX UK to develop and sell Gardx products and Penray USA products into India and it’s neighboring countries.

The BNT Talbros Group is a well recognised name in the landscape of the Indian Automotive Industry in both the O.E as well as the Aftermarket segment. The group traces it’s history to pre-partition India and has come a long way since then, operating 6 companies out of 14 locations with just over 1700 employees working for the group. Companies within the group possess a pool of experience that has been gained over the years and are now successfully channeling that experience and expertise into growth and progress in the ever changing face of the global economy.

GardX is based out of the UK and currently operates in several world regions under licensing agreements or joint ventures. GardX is a leading name in the provision of customer focused add-on solutions to automotive manufacturers and dealer groups worldwide, specialising in vehicle paint and interior protection systems, electronic anti-corrosion technology plus aftermarket products.

In addition to this, in selected markets, GardX also offer a suite of niche automotive insurance solutions. Most recently, GardX has launched a vehicle image and video platform that enables automotive dealers to present their vehicles in a consistent and highly professional way and incorporates a revolutionary 360 degree spin view of the exterior and interior.

The Joint Venture has signed up an exciting new partnership that will see Penray (www.penray.com) products marketed throughout India using the BNT Talbros sales, marketing and distribution expertise, the products would be co-branded Talbros Penray. Penray has a 65-year history of developing, manufacturing and marketing chemical additives and functional fluids targeted to the professional workshop for automotive, heavy-duty, and industrial markets.

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